Environmental Policy

The management and staff of the hotel TUI Magic Life Candia Maris, knowing the unbreakable relationship between tourism and the environment continues a very important project for both the local community and the environment in general.

Our hotel and the people working in this are committed:

  • To implement good environmental practices in the design, development and operation of our hotel
  • Encourage the development and integration of sustainable technologies
  • To strive to reduce the use of water and energy, and to re-use and recycle resources consumed during our activity, where possible.
  • To include customers, partners, suppliers and our contractors in our efforts to protect the environment.
  • To provide training and resources needed to achieve our goals
  • To monitor, record and prepare a report on our environmental performance on a regular basis and take business decisions that take into account these commitments.
  • To disclose the policies, practices and programs to all our partners.

So we aim:

  • The protection of the beach and the quality of the waters.
  • Working with local authorities in order to preserve the natural beauty of the area
  • Systematic recycling of paper, plastic, glass, oil and electronics.
  • Organize actions of the hotel’s Green Team aiming to voluntary help the cleanups of the coast and general areas of the region.
  • Reduce water and energy consumption as much as possible.